Ultra Bust Impact
Erstin Hug
Name Ultra Bust Impact
Kanji ウルトラ・バスト・インパクト
Rōmaji Urutora Basuto Inpakuto
General Information
Users Erstin Ho

Ultra Bust Impact (ウルトラ・バスト・インパクト Urutora Basuto Inpakuto) is a manga-only, special Miryoku used by the Coral #3, Erstin Ho.


While naked, the Otome will simply hug the intended target,[1] that causes them to have a massive nosebleed.[2]


  • This special move can be used even without invoking Miryoku, but Otomes having a size of F-Cup is preferable.[2]
  • The effectiveness of this Miryoku depends on the dimension of bust and amount of cloth the Otome posses.[2]
  • In most cases, men who receive this Miryoku will ascend on heaven in less than 3 seconds.[2]


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