Ultimate Heartbreak
Ultimate Heartbreak
Name Ultimate Heartbreak
Kanji 究極傷心掌破
Rōmaji Kyūkyoku Shōshin Shōha
Arutimetto Hātobureiku
General Information
Users Nina Wáng
GEM Blue Sky Sapphire

Ultimate Heartbreak: Palm Rapture (究極傷心掌破 Kyūkyoku Shōshin Shōha) or simply Ultimate Heartbreak (アルティメット・ハートブレイク Arutimetto Hātobureiku) is a manga-only spell which Nina Wáng used against Lumen.


After casting the Miryoku La Marseillaise, the Miryoku will charge up will charge inside the target's body and would later discharge as a lethal shock wave, causing the internal organs to collapse.[1]


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