Super Blue Comets
Upon Activation | Attack
Super Blue Comet Miryoku
Name Super Blue Comets
Kanji 蒼色慧星乱舞
Rōmaji Soushoku Keisei Ranbu
Sūpā Burū Komettsu
General Information
Users Arika Yumemiya

Comet of Blue Complexion: Boisterous Dance (蒼色慧星乱舞 Soushoku Keisei Ranbu) or known as Super Blue Comets (スーパー・ブルーコ・メッツ Sūpā Burū Komettsu) is a manga-only Miryoku used by Coral #51, Arika Yumemiya, when she and Erstin Ho battled each other.


The user of this Miryoku will produce multiple, mirage copies of himself, and would charge on the user's intended target.[1] While the target attacks the mirages, the user, plus the mirages will attack the target with tremendous force[2], and sends the target flying. This Miryoku is powerful enough to take down the target on one hit.[3]


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