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Adding a picture

When the voting session opens, all users are free to add a picture they feel that would be qualified, given that the picture would meet all of the requirements.


  • High in Quality.
  • Must have {{Fair use rationale}} in the picture.
  • Must be user friendly, since the manga contains a lot of inappropriate images.
  • No fan arts would be allowed.

For posting pictures:

[[Image:Name.jpg|thumb|left|190px|Caption for the image]]

How to Vote

  • Anonymous users aren't allowed to vote.
  • All of the users vote here in the wiki, be it bureaucrats, admins or those who hold any sort of privilege here on the wiki would only equate on 1 vote.
  • Be reminded that users are only allowed to use only 1 "Support" vote. If a user already used his "Support" vote and casts another "Support" vote, it would be deleted.
  • Be reminded that users are also allowed to cast 1 "Oppose" vote, if they have the urge to cast one. Like the "Support" vote, should a user casts another "Oppose" vote when they already given one, the next vote would be deleted.
  • Users who goes straight on voting without using the {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} templates would result on their votes, being deleted.
  • Votes must be signed, or else it would be deleted.
  • Users can cancel their first vote if ever they have already voted earlier. However, a user can only do this once, and the user must settle with his new vote.
  • Votes given after the deadline wont be counted anymore.
  • A user cannot add, change, and especially delete, the vote of other users.


Mother and Daughter

Arika With Her Mother

Arika with her mother, Lena

Aswad's Queen

Midori Shows Up

Midori arrives

The Emperor and the Peridot

Takumi and his Mysterious Peridot

Takumi and Akira invade

The Reinforcements come

Scale Sisters Arive

Scale Sisters arrive

Cardair vs Aswad

Chaldea VS Aswad

Midori vs Akira

The Ninja of Cardair

Certain Kill! Female Stealth Cutting Knife

Female Stealth Cutting Knife in action

Mother's Love

Lena Protects Arika

Lena Protects Arika

Sapphire Strikes

Arika Ready for Battle Meister

The Sky Sapphire and the "Queen" of Windbloom


Amethyst's Power

Jetton Destroyed

Shizuru's Power



The Otome School

Amethyst and Coral

Invoking Arika's Robe

Invoking the Coral Robe

The Aries General

Haruka Appears

Haruka's first appearance

Sapphire's Strength

Arika Holding the Plane

Arika preventing the plane from falling

Nao's Intimidation

Scary Juliet

Juliet's fearsome glare

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Tomoe slapping Miya in secret

Swirly-Head captured

Shiho Caught

Shiho caught by the Gelle Anguille

Deleted Votes