Excel Elegance White Onyx
Fiar Robe
Name Excel Elegance White Onyx
Kanji 塊麗の縞瑪瑙
Rōmaji Kenrei no Shimamenō
General Information
Users Fiar Grosse
GEM Excel Elegance White Onyx
First Appearance
Anime Episode 20

The Excel Elegance White Onyx (塊麗の縞瑪瑙 Kenrei no Shimamenō) is a Meister Robe.


The collar of the robe has three green gems on it, which looks like the symbols on the heads of the people of An Nam. The main robe itself is a light indigo color. The shoulders of the robe are very wide, and they are white at the top, with a red diamond on each. The bottom half of the robe is white, with indigo shoes. The bow at the back is quite spiky compared to other robes in the series, giving it the appearance of metal. The entire robe has red lacing across it. The most notable thing about the robe though, is the two shapes cut out on the back and the front, which reveals a lot of the user's back and cleavage, which is quite uncommon compared to the other robes, where these areas are completely covered.[1]


Due to the brief appearance of this robe, the robe's abilities were not shown to their full extent. However, it has been shown that the robe has enough power to destroy the Aswad Village[2], as well as enough power to compete equally with the leader of Aswad, Midori.[3]


Onyx Spear

The White Onyx Spear

The robe's weapon is a standard halberd-type weapon. The spear itself is silver in color, and has two gold blades on either side, in a modified 'X' shape, with the top two blades in a curved pincer shape, and the bottom two blades in a dagger shape. The spear has proved to be the robe's main source of power. The most often use of the weapon seems to be swinging it like a katana or scythe, and using the blades on either side to inflict damage, however, it is unknown if there are other ways of using this weapon.[4]


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